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Please find here videos of surgical procedures, lectures, operative techniques, case reports and expert's interviews about surgery equipment.
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Techniques for dissection and haemostasis D Mutter 41:05 HD Dec 2014 0 Favorites Media7
Instrumentation for laparoscopic surgery in 2014 D Mutter 34:47 HD Dec 2014 0 Favorites Media6
New energy devices: clinical applications and limits D Mutter 38:49 Sep 2012 2 Favorites Media17
Conventional laparoscopic instrumentation and microinstruments D Mutter 34:53 Mar 2009 0 Favorites Media76
Positioning of trocars: transperitoneal and retroperitoneal access J Leroy 39:25 Mar 2009 0 Favorites Media68
Electrosurgery and ultrasonic dissections D Mutter 30:51 Mar 2009 0 Favorites Media62
Computer-assisted robotic cholecystectomy J Leroy, M Smith-Savu, J Marescaux 15:44 Sep 2005 0 Favorites Media35
Endoscopes D Mutter, A Garcia, I Jourdan 7 Sep 2005 1 Favorites Media431
The insufflator in laparoscopy A Garcia, D Mutter, I Jourdan 13 Sep 2005 0 Favorites Media601
3D vision A Garcia, D Mutter, I Jourdan 7 Sep 2005 0 Favorites Media48
Laparoscopic instruments D Mutter, A Garcia, I Jourdan 11 Jul 2005 0 Favorites Media209
Ergonomics A Garcia, D Mutter, M Henri 8 May 2005 0 Favorites Media97
Access and trocar complications J Leroy, E Dutson, M Henri 12 Mar 2005 1 Favorites Media153
Video camera A Garcia, D Mutter, I Jourdan 8 Nov 2003 0 Favorites Media69
Video monitor A Garcia, D Mutter 8 Oct 2003 0 Favorites Media51
Light source D Mutter, A Garcia 9 Apr 2003 0 Favorites Media51
Ultrasonic dissectors (UDs) D Gossot 7 Mar 2002 0 Favorites Media68
Basic principles: electrocautery and high-frequency currents in surgery D Mutter 13 Apr 2001 2 Favorites Media136

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