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WeBSurg is a charge-free web-based educational resource in minimally invasive surgery. It provides the healthcare community a wide range of surgical procedures, videos, lectures, and case reports.

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We use several servers distributed across the world to broadcast our media.
When watching our videos or operative techniques on WeBSurg, you connect to one of our servers,
the closest one to your geographical location. This enables us to provide you with the best possible user experience.
If you have trouble viewing videos, please launch the test below. This test will attempt to launch two videos,
one of which would be hosted on our main server in France, and the other on our streaming video network.

If the video on the right is not accessible:

  1. The network you are connected to may be filtering access to data and prevents you from accessing streaming videos,
    please check with your IT department that the 1935 port is not blocked by your firewall or your anti-virus.

    RTMP is a different protocol than HTTP and is sent over a different port (1935 instead of 80).
    Therefore, RTMP is frequently blocked by (corporate) firewalls. The JW Player detects and circumvents this issue.

    RTMP is a true streaming protocol, which means that the bandwidth of the connection must always be larger than the datarate of the video.
    If the connection drops for a couple of seconds, the stream will stutter.
    If the connection bandwidth overall is smaller than the video datarate, the video will not play at all.
  2. The server you are using to watch the media may be under maintenance, please try to connect again later.

If the video on the left is not accessible:

- Your flash plug-in may need to be updated, or may not be properly installed

If both videos were properly launched, congratulations, your computer is compatible with WeBSurg.

If the video on the right is not accessible and that the one on the left works this can be caused by either the server which could be under maintenance,
by your network, or your internet connection (please check with your IT team that the network equipment does not filter the 1935 port, and the flash streaming RTMP).

If neither of the videos is accessible it could be because of your internet connection, or your Adobe Flash Player plugin, please install it or re-install it.