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WeBSurg is a charge-free web-based educational resource in minimally invasive surgery. It provides the healthcare community a wide range of surgical procedures, videos, lectures, and case reports.

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Winners Project and ESHRE are proud to introduce
a new certification for Reproductive Endoscopic surgeons,
the first international certification in the field of Reproductive Surgery

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of the ECRES Primary level in Reproductive Endoscopic Surgery  

Interview of the Month
Watch this new expert interview in which Professor Eric Leblanc and Frédéric Kridelka tell us when they perform an extraperitoneal approach for para-aortic lymphadenectomy in their daily practice?

Check the answer of the expert!
Tips & Tricks
by Prof Arnaud Wattiez
Transurethral direct insertion of double J stent under laparoscopic guidance
Watch it now!
Because endoscopic suturing needs training, we introduce you to the new Home Pelvic Trainer developed by Prof A. Wattiez

The WINNERS PROJECT is a new educational program developed by the IRCAD’s gynaecology team led by Professor Wattiez in collaboration with the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery. Our objective is to give a complete training to gynaecologists, with an educational program made up of 3 levels.

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Title Authors   Popular Fav.
The barbed suture has gained popularity recently. What is your experience with this type of suture and what is your opinion on it? B Van Herendael, M Ibrahim, A Setúbal 04:57 1 Favorites Media
Tips'n Tricks: clipping the uterine artery at its origin A Wattiez, F Asencio, L Schwartz, I Argay, J Faria 02:25 0 Favorites Media1
Total laparoscopic hysterectomy with bilateral adnexectomy for myoma A Wattiez, L Schwartz, I Argay, F Asencio, J Faria 34:10 0 Favorites Media3
Abdominal wall endometriosis R Fernandes, J Alves, K Afors, A Wattiez 06:09 0 Favorites Media1
Big rectovaginal endometriotic nodule with right hypogastric nerve entrapment followed by ultra-low rectum discoid resection using a hemorrhoidal stapler A Wattiez, J Leroy, J Faria, I Argay, F Asencio, L Schwartz, K Afors, R Fernandes, C Meza Paul 18:39 0 Favorites Media1

The theoretical content of the WINNERS PROJECT is accessible on WEBSURG. Each level contains a media list adapted to the trainee’s educational needs. For each item, some videos, lectures or operative techniques should be viewed.
All members can share impressions and concerns about endoscopy on the WINNERS pages on Facebook or Twitter. Members can ask for photos, presentations, videos, whatever is connected to endoscopy. Some questions and discussions are possible with the authors of the video on WeBSurg.

The WINNERS PROJECT is an educational program with 3 levels of progression. Each level has its own theoretical content and practical requirements. Each level is assessed by a theoretical exam and a practical test that lead to certification. After each item, a quiz is proposed: each quiz must be successfully completed to access certification.
Winners program:  information for fellows or mere observers.
Winners meetings/workshops/courses: all the info about upcoming courses, congresses or workshops with a calendar of events.
Winners live surgeries: live from different hospitals.

Professor Bruhat died on February 25, 2014. The whole endoscopic community that he created is mourning.
Professor Bruhat was the founding member of our Society. He had a true vision of the minimally invasive approach for gynaecologic surgeons. He wanted to make this approach accessible to all patients.
He was a visionary, tenacious and forceful man. He had to have such qualities to empower our surgical community with the skills and knowhow required to approach surgery. It was indeed necessary to elicit and gather such skills to benefit this project.
It is undoubtedly his scientific approach, his strong determination and his extraordinary charisma which originated in his highly success ful achievements.
Not only did he create our Society but he also guided it during its early years to bring it to the shape in which it is today.
A special tribute will be paid to Professor Bruhat during our annual congress in Brussels and the ESGE will keep on honouring his memory in the future.
The members of the administrative board and all members of our Society express their deepest grief and would like to address their sincere condolences to Professor Bruhat's family.
The members of our Society are all invited to write a message in the electronic condolence registry at the following address: http://www.esge.org/home/news/tribute-to-prof-bruhat

Prof. Arnaud Wattiez, ESGE Congress Chairman