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About us

WeBSurg is a charge-free web-based educational resource in minimally invasive surgery. It provides the healthcare community a wide range of surgical procedures, videos, lectures, and case reports.

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About us


The Winners project
Because laparoscopy is not properly understood by young medical students, nor is it properly taught to them, this project came to life. Its aim is to make laparoscopic knowledge more accessible to young surgeons through e-learning activities, which is a great way to share information in an interactive way, giving way to a certification at the end.
This project was elaborated by Prof. Arnaud Wattiez and Dr Rudi Campo who are particularly interested in training endoscopy through the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery, the IRCAD and WeBSurg.

The Research Institute Against Digestive Cancer (IRCAD) was founded in 1994 within the premises of Strasbourg’s University Hospital by Professor Jacques Marescaux’s team. It combines digestive cancer research laboratories, a research and development department in computer sciences and robotics, and a training center in minimally invasive surgery, the EITS (European Institute of Telesurgery).

In 2000, Websurg  was launched by Professor Jacques Marescaux at the European Institute of Telesurgery (EITS) in Strasbourg, France. Websurg is a virtual surgical university which focuses on minimally invasive surgery, accessible online free of charge from anywhere in the world.

The Academy
The European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery based in Leuven, Belgium, offers the gynaecological community scientifically validated standards and criteria for training and education in gynecological endoscopy and establishes certified training programs for residents and postgraduates.
The Academy devotes its activities to science, education, training and accreditation in the field of gynaecological surgery and offers a political-free working platform that uses the best scientific evidence in its decision-making process.


Prof. Arnaud Wattiez MD (France)
Rudi Campo MD (Belgium)

Executive Board
Alberto Vazquez MD (Spain)
Emilie Faller MD (France)
Marco Puga MD (Chile)
Susana Maia MD (Portugal)
Helder Ferreira MD (Portugal)

Administrative Manager
Anne Hélène Waechter-Wesseldijk

Web Project Director
Thomas Parent

Web development
Stéphane Becker
Nicolas Hirlemann

Medical writing & reviewing
Guy Temporal
Christopher Burel

Medical illustration
Catherine Cers

Graphics design
Melissandre Collet
Gaëlle Lechner-Giovannoni
Multimedia development
David Hiltenbrand
Carlos Alves
Thibaud Balland
Lionel Grienenberger

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