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1st International Winners Meeting
Porto Heli, Greece (26-28 June 2014)

Professor Arnaud Wattiez, Dr Rudi Campo and the Winners Team would like to thank all participants for attending this first successful edition and especially the faculty without whom the meeting wouldn't have reached such a high scientific level:
Prof. Pierre Bonnet (Belgium), Dr Charles Miller (USA), Dr Paya Pasic (USA), Dr Antoine Watrelot (France), Dr Stéphane Nicolau (France), Mr Yvan Freund (France), Mr Miguel Redondo (Spain).

Congratulations to Nadya Magunska and Lucie Schwartz, the Winners of the Suturing contest! They receive a Fee Waiver for the 23rd Annual ESGE Congress (Brussels, Belgium 24-27 September 2014).

Thank you all for coming to Porto Heli! The travel was worthwile and we look forward to seeing you next year in Portugal!